{{'Production and Maintenance Monitor' | translate }}

{{'PMM manages and monitors human resources, machinery, and maintenance in production. Enables efficient management of operator qualifications, monitoring production line utilization, and accurately classifying failures and admissible removals for production machines.'|translate}} {{'Production machines also provide sensory data collection. Through close links to Lotylda BI, production and maintenance provide accurate information on current events and possible risks from using machines.'|translate}}

{{'Human Resources'|translate}}

{{'Every worker is identified by an access card. Workers are assigned by role, and they define their access rights and system behavior.'|translate}}

{{'Production machines and maintenance'|translate}}

{{'The system makes it possible to manage the production machines using categorization, which then serves to analyze the causes of failures across the entire plant.Faults can be reported either manually by means of terminals or automated reading of faults from PLCs.'|translate}}

{{'Production Lines'|translate}}

{{'The system allows you to record a layout of the line in time with a clearly defined history. For each production line, it is possible to define the manufacturing cycle of each product (PN) or family of products. This information is then used to calculate OEE.'|translate}}

{{'From the point of view of production'|translate}}

  • {{'Management and monitoring of qualifications'|translate}}
  • {{'Production plans and backflow analysis'|translate}}
  • {{'EOLT management and indicators measured by individual products'|translate}}
  • {{'Categorization of possible defects for NOK analysis'|translate}}

{{'From the point of view of maintenance'|translate}}

  • {{'Monitoring and maintenance planning'|translate}}
  • {{'Machines and their faults vs. solution'|translate}}
  • {{'Analysis of disorders and their causes'|translate}}
  • {{'Predictive maintenance'|translate}}