{{'IoT' | translate }}

{{'Most manufacturing machines are equipped with technologies that enable users to acquire important data on the state of machines and production tools by means of chips and wireless data transmission. Other sensors acquire and collect ambient data (temperature, humidity, dust, ESD). The combination of values that evolved over time can explain the causes of inferiority or reduced performance. By analyzing the acquired sensor data, a predictive model can be set up to draw attention to the approaching problem, both in the event of a machine, tool or quality defect in the final product.'|translate}}



{{'It senses movement and acceleration of the device. Mechanical, capacitive and piezoelectric accelerometers are used most frequently.'|translate}}


{{'It accurately detects device orientation. Orientation is measured by capacitive changes.'|translate}}

{{'Camera and microphone'|translate}}

{{'Very powerful sensors because they capture visual and audio information.'|translate}}